Weekend Warrior

The Power Of Great Singing Is Here!

This is the ULTIMATE vocal course for the ULTIMATE weekend warrior vocalist…

  • Never finish last in Karaoke again!
  • Make your neighbors love you, not hate you!
  • Sing with ultimate power and freedom!

Weekend Warrior


$99.95 $79.00

Weekend Warrior


$114.95 $99.00

The KTVA Advantage…

Ken Tamplin has designed the ultimate course for Warriors on the go, we took some of the key elements from our mothership vocal program and crammed them into this incredibly powerful course.

Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy’s Weekend Warrior vocal course will ignite your voice and put you on the “fast track” for slamming vocals right now.

With easy to follow, step by step instructions by Ken himself, experience incredible results immediately, as-in right now, straight away, without delay, pronto!

17 minutes a day will transfer you into – The ultimate Weekend Warrior!

The Weekend Warrior Vocal Course:

  1. Weekend Warrior Intro
  2. Hardcore – (Support)
  3. Stand Up and Take it Like a Man / Woman – (Posture)
  4. Lip Service (Lip Drill)
  5. Chill Factor (Relaxation Response)
  6. It’s the Law! (The AH Vowel)
  7. Mouthing Off! (A-E-I-O-U)
  8. Laugh
  9. Let’s Face It (Mask and Vowel Modifications)
  10. Yee Haw (Voice)
  11. What a Hoot
  12. A E I O U
  13. Connections Matter (Building the Passaggio Bridge)
  14. Don’t Get All Choked Up (Open Throat Technique)
  15. Getting Your Act Together (Preparing for Your Show)
  16. Pitch is a Cinch
  17. Hit the Road
Dudes Audio Workout
Divas Audio Workout