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My singing course is essentially a ‘mentorship-in-a-box’.

When you sign up for it I teach you:

  • The same principles…
  • The same posturing…
  • The same techniques…
  • The same exercises…
  • The same warm-ups…

that I’d show you if you were with me, live, in my studio. So when you watch these videos and apply these teachings, you’re effectively getting mentored by me—even though you never set foot in my studio.

In other words, you get the benefits of being personally mentored by me… but without the pain of having to travel to my studio in Hawaii, or having to pay my hourly rate of $425/hour.

And to get into the nitty-gritty details… once you sign up to stream the materials, I’ll start sending you new instructional videos & audio exercises each month. How much content you receive—and how quickly you receive it—depends on which package you sign up for:

The rate at which you'll receive your content

The Course The Course Plus
Month 113 Lesson Videos + 10 Student Demonstration Videos + Better Pitch Videos13 Lesson Videos + 10 Student Demonstration Videos + Better Pitch Videos
Month 210 Lesson Videos + 4 Student Demonstration Videos10 Lesson Videos + 4 Student Demonstration Videos
Month 314 Lesson Videos + 15 Student Demonstrations14 Lesson Videos + 15 Student Demonstrations + 46 Rock Demonstrations
Month 44 Lesson Videos + 8 Student Demonstrations4 Lesson Videos + 8 Student Demonstrations
Month 55 Lessons Videos + 5 Student Demonstrations5 Lessons Videos + 5 Student Demonstrations
Month 67 Lesson Videos + 9 Student Demonstration Videos7 Lesson Videos + 9 Student Demonstration Videos + 26 Student Coaching Videos
Month 716 Lesson Videos16 Lesson Videos
Month 812 Lesson Videos12 Lesson Videos
Month 916 Lesson Videos16 Lesson Videos
Month 108 Stamina Workout Videos8 Stamina Workout Videos
Month 1116 Videos on Head Voice + 19 Pop Demonstration Videos
Month 1213 Videos on Mixed Voice + 29 Student Coaching videos (Pop)
Month 133 Videos on Harmony + 24 Videos on Vocal Licks & Tricks
Month 1413 Videos on How to Write a Song + 6 Videos on Recording Vocals + 23 Videos on Guitar Licks & Tricks
Total videos: 167393

Which Course Should I Get?

Our Streaming Materials Come in 3 Different Bundles

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Powerful Foundation!

The Course

sent over 10 months covering:

Basic Foundation
Backup Singer
Learning to sing
Bar Mitzvah
Church Congregation

Volume 1

  • Singing Terms & Definitions
  • Posture
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Lip & Tongue Exercises
  • Vowel Modifications
  • Vowel Exercises
  • Vocal Tract Shaping
  • Addressing Stage Fright
  • Understanding Pitch
  • Improving Pitch
  • Beginner Student
  • Demonstrations

Volume 2

  • Release Valves
  • Growing Your Passagio
  • Vibrato
  • Consonants & Glottal Stops
  • Psychology of Singing

Volume 3

  • Vowel Triads
  • Major Scales
  • Inverted Scales
  • Overcoming Hoarseness
  • Stamina Workouts
  • Distortion & Grit
  • Finding Your Own Voice
  • Vocal Health & Wellness

Forum Access

  • Streaming Enrolled


one-time $69 startup fee
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Insane Value! (MOST POPULAR)

The Course + Pro Packs

sent over 14 months covering:

Basic Foundation +
Lead Singer
Local Band Member
Worship Team (Soloist)
Singing Competitions
Singing Auditions

Everything In THE COURSE

Forum Access

  • PRO access

Volume 4

  • Head Voice

Volume 5

  • Mixed Voice

Pro Packs

  • Singing Pop
  • Singing Classic Rock
  • Singing Rock
  • Singing Metal
  • Singing Harmony
  • How to Write Songs
  • How to Write Lyrics
  • Recording Your Vocals
  • Student coaching recordings(Rock)
  • Student coaching recordings(Pop)
  • Rock Singing Demonstrations
  • Arranging Background Vocals
  • Singing & Playing at the Same Time
  • Vocal Licks & Tricks
  • Guitar Chords
  • Guitar Licks & Tricks


50% Off
one-time $99 startup fee
(cancel anytime)


Mother Lode!

Stream-It Gold Bundle

sent over 14 months covering:

Basic Foundation +
Current Pro Vocalist
Aspiring Pro Vocalist
Worship Leader
Band Member
Singing Competition Winners
Youtube Stars

Everything In The Course + Pro Packs

Forum Access

  • PRO access

3 Unique, Private, one-on-one lessons, Custom-fit to your unique voice.


50% Off
one-time $1,074 startup fee
(cancel anytime)

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Once you sign up to stream my course, you’re free to cancel your subscription at any point! There are no contracts, and so there’s no hassle.

My “Stream-It” Guarantee: If You Don’t Love It, You Don’t Pay.

I’m convinced that you’ll love these lessons. So I’m putting my money where my mouth is.

If you’re not 100% happy with your streaming subscription, just let my team know within 30 days of signing up – and we’ll send all your money right back to you. Which includes both your first month’s payment and your startup fee.

Limited-time Offer: Join NOW and I’ll

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Join TODAY and your subscription price will NEVER increase (as long as you’re a member), GUARANTEED

I’ve been working on this material for over 4 years… and my honest guess is that it’s worth well over $10,000. But I’ve decided to offer it ultra-low price of $29/month to begin with… with an eye to raising it in the near future. But if you sign up today, I’ll keep you at whatever price you sign up at, for as long as you remain a member. Even when everyone ELSE starts paying more per month. That’s a promise!