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Is This You?

  • You’ve NEVER taken singing lessons before, and…
  • You’re unsure of where to start
  • You’re uneasy about the idea of starting
  • You’re worried that you won’t be able to learn

Or Maybe This?

  • You HAVE taken singing lessons before, but…
  • You’re disappointed with progress so far
  • You’re frustrated because you’ve hit a ceiling
  • You’re ready to take your singing to the next level

What If You Could Get the Quality of Coaching that Sam Smith, Freddie Mercury, and Christina Aguilera Got… for the Price of a Gym Membership?

World-class coaching produces world-class singers.

But the problem is… good vocal coaches are busy, expensive, and usually far away.

And great vocal coaches… they’re very busy, very expensive, and usually very far away.

Which means—if you want a great coach—you’re out of luck. …right?


Hi, I’m Ken Tamplin

I’ve spent the last 35 years studying the voice and touring the world as a professional singer, producer, and coach.

During that time I’ve been asked to sing for bands like Foreigner, Motley Crue, and Journey, I’ve been featured on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, and I’ve coached finalists in the world’s largest singing competitions.

And I can help you master your voice.

How I’m Using the Internet to Change the Singing Industry

Once upon a time…

…if you wanted quality singing lessons—from a coach who really knew their stuff—you had to fly to a distant city, book a hotel, and dish out $100-$400 an hour for your coach’s time.

This is changing.

…and if you couldn’t afford $100 lessons, you had to settle for $30-$40 lessons. Which was ALWAYS a gamble. Because $30-40 dollar coaches are usually really good at TALKING about singing… but usually really bad at DOING it… and even worse at helping you to do it. 

This is changing.

…and if you wanted lessons from me, you had to pay $425 an hour. Because if it was anything less than that, my schedule would get booked up 10+ years in advance – and that would suck for everyone, myself included.  

This has changed.

Thanks to the internet… I’ve been able to—over the past 8 years—capture my entire system for growing the voice, step-by-step. On video. And I’ve been able to give that training away to a LOT of people… for a fraction of what people used to pay for it. (Thank you Internet!)

Local Voice Lessons Vs My Online Lessons

Local Voice Lessons KTVA Online Lessons
Quality of InformationMediocre - Good (Depending on coach)Proven, World-class instruction
Time With Coach1-2 hours a week, during lessons24/7 access to my instructional videos
Access to Live Feedback1-2 hours a week, during lessons24/7 access via KTVA singers forum
If You Have a QuestionWait until next lessonAsk immediately on singer's forum
Interaction with Other SingersLimitedInteract with 12,000+ singers in the forum
AccessibilityDrive or fly to lessonsAccessible from anywhere with internet
Likelihood of Significant GrowthSmall - Decent (Depending on coach)Very high (as long as you practice)
Likelihood of Vocal InjuryMediumVery low (as long as you follow Ken's instructions)
When You'll Hit a 'ceiling' in Your Growth6-18 months20+ years

In Other Words You Get…

  • More information
  • More quality
  • More “time” with me, your coach
  • More feedback on your singing
  • More support from other real singers
  • More results

…for far less money than what your typical singing lessons cost.

Join my academy today… and let’s make your singing ROCK!

“But I need someone to actually listen to me… so they can tell me what I’m doing wrong!”


And that’s why I created the KTVA singers forum.

When you sign up for KTVA lessons, you get 24/7 access to our singers forum. So if you ever need help with an exercise, or just want general feedback… you can post a video of yourself singing. And within hours you’ll get responses from seasoned singers.

Other questions people ask:

I have ZERO experience singing. Can I really learn?

Absolutely. The idea that you have to be born with a good voice is a MYTH! No one was born with a great voice! Not Sam Smith, Freddie Mercury, John Mayer, Steve Perry, Michael Jackson, or Aretha Franklin! Everyone who sounds good today had to work for it. And yes, some people will have to work harder than others… but significant improvement is within reach for EVERYONE who’s willing to put in the hours & practice the right techniques.

Am I too old to learn how to sing?

Nope! You’re never too old to start singing.

The voice is a muscle (actually a group of muscles), and like any muscle in your body, with good training will grow even into your 70’s. Obviously not as quick and robust as in your 20’s, but grow it will if you are willing to put in the time and effort with proper training.

Many students have joined my online academy in their mid to late 60’s. Here’s just one example: Tony Moran. Tony had been playing guitar his whole life. In 2012 he decided he wanted to work on his singing, so that he’d be able to sing his favorite songs in local pubs. So he joined KTVA at 69. And now, at 74, he’s absolutely killing it.

You can watch Tony talk about his experience with KTVA here.

Is KTVA mostly for people who want to sing Rock?

Not at all! The principles & techniques I teach in my academy are applicable to ANY genre or style of singing. My students sing:

  • Country
  • R&B
  • Pop
  • Jazz
  • Classical
  • Folk
  • Metal
  • Rock

I even have students who sing German polka, K-pop, Caribbean Calypso, Hebrew Canting, Katajjaq, Soukous, Norwegian Sami folk, and Andalusia

1,000’s of singers have dramatically improved their singing with these lessons

“This course will give you everything you need to know in building and growing your voice. It’s a gold mine.”

-Anthony Vincent, 10 Second Songs

“I just cannot tell you in words how much Ken has transformed me vocally. Get absolutely anything you can from him; he will absolutely change your life the way that he’s changed mine.”

-Adley Stump, Contestant in The Voice

“This is the vocal program I was using BEFORE I joined DragonForce. It really helped me start out when I was just beginning to find my own voice. I thoroughly recommend Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy over other singing courses.”

-Marc Hudson, Lead singer of DragonForce

“KTVA works. Period. End of Story. Maybe some of the other DIY courses do as well to some degree but nowhere near as quickly, as completely or as effectively.”

-Luke Streeter, Melbourne Australia

“As someone who’s had 100’s of hours of vocal lessons… and performed 200, 250 or more shows a year… I’ve had the best. And Ken is the best. He’s taken me to new levels.”

-Whiskey Diamond, Lead singer of “Splinter”

“My voice has grown incredibly. I’m singing songs that I’ve never been able to sing before.”

-Grace, Manchester, England

“Wow. Just 1 week of working with this course, an hour each day… my voice opened up, and everything was just clearer. If you’re serious about learning to sing, this course is gonna work. ”

-Rick R., Spring Branch, Texas

“I tried so many methods before and none of those worked at all, just fake promises. All I got to say it that this is the ONLY METHOD that’s gonna make you sing like a real Pro.”

-Diego Gutierrez, Bogota, Columbia

Don’t believe the myths. You CAN learn to sing. Just like the 1,000’s of once-cautious, now-confident singers I’ve coached over the years.

Get started today & become a singer people LOVE listening to!

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