I’m Gonna Seriously Rock Your Voice, Starting Right Now!

YOUR time is here, YOUR time is NOW, start singing better than YOU ever thought possible, today!

Without a doubt, the single biggest hesitation you have is fear, fear of not being able to sing as well in reality as you can in your head. You’ve imagined yourself on stage in front of thousands of people, and you nail it – what a dream!

We’re here to tell you, you CAN and WILL nail it, KTVA will get you there!

This is the best time to get your voice, your body and you mind in the best shape they can be, so the world can hear what you have to say!

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How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else

1: The Course

85+ Killer Video Lessons plus Dudes & Divas Specific Audio Workouts by Ken Tamplin on 3 DVDs and 3 CDs, and/or Digital Download!
The main course is approximately 4 hours of video tutorials and 3 (gender specific) 1 hour audio workouts.
It comes in 3 Volumes that start with critical foundational topics like diaphragmatic (abdominal) support. A very misunderstood and elusive concept. It also includes an in depth understanding of correct vowel modifications. (how to modify vowels to increase range).
It also covers vocal tract shaping and the understanding of how to shift the vocal tract within vowels so you’re not just arduously doing scales, but developing those scales (and muscle memory) with a view towards practical application for singing. It covers basic pitch, vibrato, exceptional breath control, range and stamina building as well many other rudimentary elements for great singing.
An exceptionally well rounded course.


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$319.00 $214.00

2: The ProBundle: The Course + ProPacks

200 + Killer Video Lessons plus Dudes and Divas Audio Workouts by Ken Tamplin AND REAL WORLD STUDENT DEMONSTRATIONS, on 20 DVDs and 3 CDs, and/or Digital Download!

IMMEDIATE Pro Status access to the KTVA Singers Forum!

Ok, NOW we’re getting ridiculous, not only is this the most powerful and effective vocal course in the world, it is also the most complete and will last you a life time! This the complete course PLUS ProPacks, which consist of: Advance Head Voice, How To Find Your Own Voice, How To Overcome Stage Fright, Guitar Chords, How to write a song, Secrets to live singing (over 60 pop and rock students training sessions), Soul / Blues Licks – Tricks and Runs, Music Placement Film And TV Guide, Cruise Ship Employment Guide, How To Record Your Vocals, Karaoke Practice Trax

More: The Pro Bundle is the regular “How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else” course but with over 40 hours of material covering advanced professional recording and touring techniques in many styles with a wide variety of students including advanced student training sessions, along with 6 hours of intense audio workouts. So, for just a few dollars more, you literally get a lifetime of material and it allows you to have access to our KTVA Pro Forums- available only to those doing the pro bundle course.


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How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else – Course + Pro Packs + Weekend Warrior


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3: The Gold Bundle: The Course + ProPacks + Weekend Warrior + WebCam Lessons

In addition to ALL the material in the Pro Bundle, you now get to go on THREE one-hour PERSONAL VOCAL LESSONS with Ken Tamplin himself via Skype! Just think, you’re cruising along on How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else Volume 1 and you get stuck on the Lip Roll… WHO can you call!? That’s right, NOW you can call Ken and say, “Hey dude, SHOW me!” And off you go! This is the ULTIMATE KTVA package for ULTIMATE vocal course experience!

Watch the video!

How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else


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4 One Hour WebCam Lessons

4x 1hr Private WebCam Lessons

$1700.00 $1495.00

Weekend Warrior Vocal Course


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$114.95 $99.00