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Learn how to sing your butt off at Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Studios on the Big Island of Hawaii.


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(2 hours per day)


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Come to Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Studios Hawaii and enjoy the most incredible vocal experience of your life.

In a surreal undistracted setting of paradise and beauty you will be able to focus and hone your vocal skills like you’ve only dreamed possible.

Located on the far eastern tip of the big Island of Hawaii, Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy has a supreme state-of-the-art recording studio.

Ken will breakdown every aspect of your voice and put you on the fast track for stunning singing.

The studio also has a full-blown 48 track Digital recording facility with high-end microphones, to Pre-Amps and a state-of-the-art custom-built wood vocal room that is unprecedented.

After your concentrated vocal training, enjoy in walking distance, the geothermal mineral volcanic hot ponds. The  surrounding area has world-class snorkeling, organic fruits and vegetables, sunrises, moonrises, stars burn a hole in the sky and literally the cleanest air on planet Earth. (according to a local air quality Nasa physicist).

The perfect setting to grow your voice to the max!