When using iPhone or Apple device, you’ll need to scan this barcode with your iPhone.

It takes you to a downloadable free app called Y-Disk

Download and install it.

Re-boot your iPhone after install is complete.

Once you see the Y-Disk icon appear on phone, plug in USB drive, wait a moment for the iPhone to read all 64.5 gigabyte to generate thumbnails for each video. This may take a while depending on how fast or slow your Apple device is.

Once you see everything populate with thumbnails open folder “Volume 1” and you’ll see 4 folders, lessons 1 through 4.

Open “1. Volume one lessons”

You’ll see all video lessons and MP3 Audio Workouts are numbered in sequence.

Click on the first video to start.

Please note if you’re using a PC, lap-top or Android phone, you won’t need to scan this barcode to download the app.
USB Drive is plug and play for these devices.